The most disgusting place
     I was 7 years old when I saw the most disgusting place in the world. Yes, it happened 9 years ago. I have seen many disgusting things, but this place was all over. It all started on a beautiful and warm day of summer vacation. My parents ....... decided to go to the countryside to visit my grandparents. I was very excited because i was going to see my friend Ionut.
     After 8 hours , we arrived at my grandparents ' house[uneste propozitiile] and then, we went to bed because we were very tired. ...... Next day, my parents helped my grandparents [uneste propozitiile]but I was too young and too small to help them. So, i took the phone and i called my friend, Ionut. He was very happy to know that I had come to the countryside. We talked some minutes and then we decided to meet in front of his house. I took a ball and I started started running to his house. After 5 minutes I arrived and i gave him a hug. We were very happy to see each other. We played football in his garden for 3 hours and then, when the sun was setting, I decided to come back home. On my way to the house, I saw an abandoned old house.I realized it was the house of a former neighbor who had died a few years ago before. I decided to go into the house to see how it looks. When I opened the door, a horrible smell spread in the air. I was about to vomit. I entered the house and all the objects were dirty and scattered. Then, two mice came out of a bed. It was disgusting! On the table I saw a few cockroaches. It was incredible what could have beenbe in that house. Because of the smell and the mice I could not stay very much there for a long time . I was just a kid.[uneste propozitiile]and I was disgusted and terrified of that house. It was almost night so I rushed home.
      When I got home, I called my parents to tell them everything. They were disgusted too and told me never to go to that place again. That disgusting place it (without it)will always be in my mind !

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