Is trap music the witchcraft of Satan? Are we going to die this year? Will rapper Gucci Mane escape prison? Is Michael Jackson still alive? These answers and many more are going to be revealed in this essay. Grab some chips, because this is gonna get lit. Alright, so first thing first, we all know how friendly Satan can be. He often helps people get over depression so overall, he's a good lad', but he is the one who invented the music that is gonna kill you if you get to her it, and it's trap. Many people on this planet and not only are listening to trap and they are still alive. But how? The answer is simple, they made a pact with Satan in order to get to listen to the best music in the galaxy. I know, crazy right? Ok, so the answer is yes, trap is definitely the work of Satan, but don't believe me, ask him. If you wanna talk to him, just draw a red circle on the floor in the middle of the living room, put some candles and done. Alright, moving forward, yes, we are going to die this year, like in the other years. The truth is that we all are dying every year, but Jesus manage to create another dimension just like our in less that 0.1 seconds. This is how we aren't noticing any change. Now, the most asked question, Is my boy Gucci Mane going to escape going to jail? Well, some speculates that, when asked if guilty, he responded with "Bitch I might be" to the judge, so I guess we won't be seeing him for a little time from now. We all know who Michael Jackson is, right? if you don't then kill yourself because you just don't deserve to live. The truth is that my man, Michael Jackson is alive and he just faked his death because he had a 100mil$ fee and he couldn't pay it. What a shame! I hope I answered all your questions. My answers were 100% real, with proof, and by proof I mean photos made and edited in Photoshop.

The conclusion? Just make one yourself you dumdum. After reading this essay, what is going on inside your head? This is a proof of how shit media is. Media is trying to deceive stupid people into believing that the earth is flat. Like dude, imagine believing that the earth is flat! Anyways, these are only a few of the most asked questions around the internet and journalist are "doing their best" in order to solve the mistery behind each shitty ass question asked by the little orcs around the internet. If you believe or used to believe any of the things I just said above, then you're simply dumb and you can go and jump off the window right fucking now because you're just wasting air. Satan is a little kid compared to the media. I don't think I need to continue so I'll just end this here. Hope you didn't learned something new, because if you did, you used to be dumb. You don't need to thank me, oh wait, you do, because if it wasn't me, you still would've believe that the earth is flat.

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