I'm writing  this letter fist to thank the company for the great content available every day.  Even so I'd like to complain about the lack of warnings before disturbing footage and the disappointing translation available in Romanian.

First of all, many shows aired everyday feature highly disturbing footage without any warning towards the viewer. Shows such as 'My 600 lbs life' include graphic images of illness, near to death situations, and illegal issues which I believe aren't suitable for all audiences. Considering this, I'd like to request warnings before such footage in order to not scar the viewer.

Secondly, I'd like to complain about the translation available in Romanian. Watching the shows with subtitles in said language, I couldn't help but notice faulty expressions, gramatical errors as well as some situation misreadings. This being said, I encourage revising the translations before publishing them as good.

In conclusion, I'll thank the company for the quality useful content available everyday as well as request warnings before disturbing images and the revising of Romanian translations before making them public.

Yours sincerely,
not a fish