Literary analysis

    In order to have a higher education you need to take a very special exam right after graduating high school. The downside can be seen in the enormous preparation that such an exam requires. Here, in Romania we call it BACALAUREAT. In order to get your diploma you need to score at least 5 in all subjects.[irelevant] Depending on your high school specialization, you get to choose some of the subjects. But one thing never changes, the
Romanian analysis exam.    Without a doubt, the literary analysis in this exam is the worst part of BAC. In my opinion, I believe it would be for the better if literary analysis was taken out from the exam.
       Firstly, grading itís  very subjective . One teacher can applaud your writing and grade you the highest mark, but at the same time the exact opposite can happen. Writing is art that can be interpreted   in many ways according to the person reading it. The same sentence can mean different things and this is exactly why having a literary analysis in such an exam is wrong. Yes, there is a specified curriculum but still there is room for interpretation. The amount of work put in this type of essay is astonishing and not being graded fairly is truly a nightmare. Also there are some very happy accidents in which someone gets a better mark than they should have earned .
       Secondly, literary analysis should be reserved only for those how study literature. It is expected from us to be able to write such things knowing that most high school graduates have no intention of ever pursuing a future where literary analysis can be useful. Furthermore, not everyone can think in the way needed to write these essays. In order to have a good grade we have to write are our teacherís words. Somehow after almost 40 years or so, the examís format hasnít changed at all.The literature that we are forced to analyze is irrelevant to this day and time. This is why the probability of passing the BAC is lowering year after year.
        As a country we want to be seen as a modern society with western life conditions, but the truth canít be ignored. Education is the way to follow meaning that some things need to change. In conclusion,   literary analysis should be taken out from this life defining exam.

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