The Hoia-Baciu Forest is a fascinating, strange and unusual place in Romania, more exactly Cluj-Napoca. Over the years, there have been many strange phenomena there. For this reason, the forest could still be called "The Mystery in the Heart of Transylvania". There are several myths, stories, legends about this forest. One of them reports that a shepherd, along with his sheep, has been lost and never seen before. Interestingly, many people who were there and made pictures later discovered shadows, lights, even strange flying objects in the sky, things they could not see with their naked eye. The pictures were published internationally and proved to be authentic. Also, the people who were there reported that they heard strange noises, they saw animals that normally did not exist on the Romanian territory, and they were discharging their batteries on the phone as they walked in the woods. For me, the Hoia-Baciu forest is a place I would like to visit because the unknown is attractive and, in general, the things that can not be explained. This forest is a true living legend.

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