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letter of complaint

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Dear CinemaSins,
     I want to start off by telling you that I'm very unsatisfied by the content you are providing to this ever-changing platform called "Youtube", not necessarily the fact that the actual content is bad or unpleasing, but your aprroach to the subjects you are discussing is very misleading and tends to make your viewers think the same way as you do, which is not recommended for an youtube channel like yours.
     Firstly, I want to point out that very often in your videos you tend to show very fast frames of the scene you are discussing so that you could benefit from the lack of information you are providing the viewer and also having more run time so that your videos would get monetized which clearly makes you shallow in the sense that you care more about the money you make out of your videos and less about the quality you are delivering.
     Secondly, I can't argue the fact that your idea is somewhat brilliant, but I think along the way you lost your passion because I think that sometimes you have a tendency to put your own preferences over actual facts only to add up more "sins", which again is not recommended for this type of channel.
     I can't say that I'm angry or anything, but if you solve these problems I presented, you might actually benefit a little bit more from this channel which I think ultimately has a great idea but it's your aprroach that makes it less enjoyable for me at least.

Yours sincerely,



i whole-heartedly agree with you, me lad!
that being said, you did not present any solutions to the problems, so how is the guy behind CinemaSins going to fix his content? he's not that bright!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » letter of complaint