Dear Charlie Brooker,
............[va scriu in legatura cu..]
I have loved Black Mirror since the beginning. I have always enjoyed the format, with separate storylines in each episode, and I have rewatched my favourites ones many times. I was amazed at the details in every episode and realism of it all. I was terrified by the majority of the scenes, but still, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the story. I remember the impatience before a new season aired and how happy I was when I could finally watch all the episodes on Netflix.
Now, I feel the need to express my disappointment towards the latest episodes, as they are too optimistic, ............ not at all why me, and I am sure, many others used to enjoy the show very much. Sure, in the earlier season we got some bitter-sweet endings, something that was, perhaps a tad more traditionally satisfying for the viewers, but never such an unrealistic ending and story altogether. It was bad enough that everybody’s problems were magically removed, but there was no complexity to the villains in your latest episode. I understand that TV shows change sometimes, but this format that you had, where the ending raised questions and you didn’t really know what to think of the protagonist, was good. The characters used to be so complex, and never were stereotypically good guys, very brave and without flaws. I believe that might have ruined part of the show, especially since so many waited for this season, and most of us had very high hopes.
I am not writing to argue about your talent or undermine your work, but I really was passionate about your show, and it changed some of my views towards the more dangerous aspect of technology. I just wish that you have stuck to your original idea, it was realistic and even if we were almost never given a positive and ‘nice’ ending, we still loved the series.


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