The number of emigrants is increasing considerably every day. The emigration of Romanian young people has become a problem by its large scale and by the important loss of active intelligence.Although the students' departure abroad is a personal decision, it includes several reasons both for personal and public. Often in the hope for a better life overseas,  people can change their perceptions of life, motivated to try something new, such as life in another country.
Teachers are often the ones who try to stop students, trying to show them the prospects of their system, but there are some teachers who encourage their pupils to study aboad and I agree with  them.
    First of all, because a good teacher knows about the prospects outside the country and about the importance of another kind of experience required by each individual. Often people who emigrated managed to form themselves as personality. They develop a new way of thinking, different then Romanian one. It is important to point  that after some studies abroad a very high percentage of person returns to their country. These people return  full with desire to change something,to do something for the country's benefit.               
     Secondly, teachers have to share information  about the possibilities that are offered to a student from another country.As not all Romanian faculties have the necessary  technologies for training.And if they have, then there are often old technology models. For this reason, Romanian universities  emphasis on theoretical and dull study, in exchange for practical application.
   In conclusion, I am of the opinion that a teacher must inform others about the possibilities that exist outside the country, Even if the number of intellectuals will decrease. Since those people will be able to take over a stock of knowledge that will then be able to share it with others/the Romanians.

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