I'd like to tell you about Rick Grimes , the main character of "The Walking Dead" , and his story.
"The walking dead" is an american post-apocalyptic horror tv series started by AMC in 2010 and is still in progress ,so that by now it includes 10 seasons and about 140 episodes , all based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. It features the life of some civilians ,after a zombie apocalypse, trying to do more than just surviving , subject that I enjoyed very much throughout the seasons because ,as a matter of fact, i really like horror and survival movies and I fell in love with it from the first watch.
The starting action is projected at 30 days after the beginning of the apocalypse and it shows Rick waking up in a hospital infested with zombies . As he wakes up  from the coma he has been put in since before the apocalypse he realizes the world went crazy and finds himself surrounded by walking dead people . Somehow he manages to make it home which he finds empty but he realizes that his family is sill alive when he sees that the photo albums are missing. In the meantime he meets Morgan who explains him about  zombies and how the world changed . Morgan helps Rick to go back at his police station to get guns and tells Rick about a refugee camp he heard about in Atlanta . Unfortunately , Atlanta is a dead end as every body there is dead and the city is full of zombies . There he gets rescued by some survivors as he tries to get away of the zombies. Those survivors were part of bigger group where Rick finds his family, crucial part of his story as everything he does after is for Lory and Carl . Trying to provide his family a future , Rick and the group find some people at a farm isolated in the woods and stays there until it gets overrun by a horde and the group has to move on. After that  the group is forced to live on the road for an year trying to find some other place they could fortify and make it a home . As he loses the farm , Rick becomes the leader of the group and the fate of his family and friends is now in his hands ; he actually says that "this isn't a democracy anymore" being pressed by the fact that he had to kill his best friend ,as he's gone crazy, for the greater good of the group. With Lory pregnant and Carl growing up in a mad world he manages to find a prison and with the help of the others he fortifies it and makes it feel like home , he starts growing crops so they could eat more than just cans  and after a very long time he even starts thinking about his family's future in there . Very sadly , his wife dies giving birth to his daughter Charlie and he goes crazy for some time and almost kills himself . After recovering himself , the group gets in conflict with another larger community and after winning the fight they lose the war and they lose their home again . After that they have to live again on the road until they arrive at the gates of Alexandria , a little community which had no problems with other people since the begging and where people lived in peace until they arrive . Rick and his group settle down there and he begins to believe again that there will be a future and everything he does is for the future. He starts building that place so that it could hold against everything. They get in touch with other settlements called  Hilltop and The Kingdom ,but the people's life there is affected by a very big and dangerous group called The Saviors led by Negan so Rick makes a deal to kill the saviors but all he actually kills is just an outpost and Negan is gonna make him pay for it . He and his group get caught by the saviors when going to Hilltop for a friend of Rick, Maggie , who was pregnant , and Rick has to pay for his mistake . The leader of the saviors , Negan , kills 2 of Rick's best friends beating them to death with a baseball bat until he breaks their heads completely and Rick is now obligated to give to the saviors half of everything Alexandria have every week till he will have nothing and promises to Negan he will kill him before he finishes . Finally Rick join forces with all the other communities , defeats the saviors and cuts Negan and can leave him to bleed out but he doesn't , he saves him saying "My mercy prevails over my wrath" even though he promised him he will kill him . After his boy dies he promised to be a better person and that's why he saves Negan , to show that everyone can change .
Rick Grimes , the character played by Andrew Lincoln, is the symbol of everything that means change ,15 years in a zombie apocalypse can change you completely , but he always finds hope that motivates him to keep going . He undergoes a transformation with very many dead ends but he keeps going on for his family and his friends who needed him all along the series.

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