The internet has become an important part in every humanís life. It has become a tool for people to access information and different ways of spending time. I think it's important for people to have the right to the internet to make life easier and to take a step forward.
    Firstly,  by accessing the internet people can find everything they need about a subject. People no longer have to search through books or go somewhere to see how it is there. An example is the fact that online news or blogs make different articles about new subject and are always updated.
      Secondly, the internet nowadays is a platform that allows people to have fun. This refers to the fact that people have at their disposal a variety of movies, series or games, without going to a game room or a cinema. Or do not even have to go to a concert because they can watch a live online.
There's a negative part about internet too. That is about the fact that some people start to be obsessed with it. That means that they can't do anything without the internet and they believe that they would die without it.
       In conclusion,  the internet offers people the opportunity to have information at any time on any subject. And they can relax at the same time without moving home.