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Should Romania and Moldova unite

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Romania and the Republic of Moldova have been a big part of their history, one. But unfortunately, much of their history has been separated.
In my opinion, the two countries can no longer be united because we are no longer a single people and time has separated us.
First of all, the two countries have different ideologies at the moment: Romania is pro US and Moldova has gradually become pro Russia. They are radically different and opposite. So there should be a minimum agreement of Russia on Rep. Moldova for union. Which is almost impossible because of President V. Putin's policy.
Secondly, Moldova should not unite as this would affect Romania's economy instead of improving it. Rep. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and Romania does not have the resources (at this time) to use Republic of Moldova.
In conclusion, Moldova should not unite with Romania until the necessary reforms are made for this event.



To be honest, I have a sympathy for the people of the Republic of Moldova. It seems to me that they are very warm and welcoming people and always ready to help you. I would really like for Romania to unite with the Republic of Moldova.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should Romania and Moldova unite