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Young people should follow politics

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This hotly debated topic concerns the future of a country. Should young people be passive when it comes to politics,just accept the state's decisions without doing anything or should they be informed about the political life,be taught about laws and rights since they have no clue about this subject whatsoever and maybe in a near future be involved in it and eventually make a change?
On the one hand,young people should not be involved in politics.Firstly,their opinion could be considered irrelevant since they do not have experience regarding politics.Children and teenagers must spend their valuable time doing what people of their age do,activities like playing video games and studying for school.Eventually,they will learn something about their surroundings,political life and such things.Secondly,their actions would not affect the country's course because of their lack of experience and their childish minds.In a normal country,only grown-ups have to make decisions concerning the future of that nation because their mature minds and actions could to thank to thank please everyone else.
On the other hand,young people should be informed about the political life.Firstly,their lack of experience combined with their vision could ironically change something in a country because the freshness coming from their minds can create a new world full of things that both old and new generation agree with.When they will have the necessary information,that could be taught in schools,they will have the power to make their own decisions,for their future.Secondly,the political life should involve every human being from a country,even young people.They could make changes in either politcal political politic ,economic and social side,especially if they are all together,hoping for a change,but not but not rather than ["mai degraba decat sa"] just hoping hoping imagine it,doing what that country needs doing what that country needs make what is humanly possible to help their country.
In conclusion,politics is still a sensitive subject that passes through passes through still interests people.But the majority of people confusingly asks themselves:should :should if young people should be involved in political life or is this or this just grown-ups decisions decisions should make decisions ?? because their choice could positively or negatively change the future of an entire nation. [nu, fara intrebare in concluzie]

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I think that young people should follow politics because that is a good way of perception of our world. Politics in our country is a very important subject because we depend on the political decisions. Yes, politics is an important subject, and yes, young people should follow politics for more understanding and general knowledge.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Young people should follow politics