Dear Tati Westbrook,

       I'm writing to tell you that[anunta mai intai subiectul scrisorii si natura ei] to make you aware of some issues that have occurred on Youtube channel.
       I started watching you in 2015 when your good old series were blowing up. I appreciated your “OMG” series where you used to review either overpriced or weird makeup products. I used to find them very fun to watch and you used to give lots of helpful advice when It came to prices and the price-quality report on products. I think you get a lot of notices that claim that you have changed. I want to ask It would be nice of you to bring back some of the content you used to create. Right now I still watch your videos because of your personality and of your reliability when it comes to the quality of a product.
      You have not changed as a person, but as an influencer. I understand the thought behind it, trying to bring new quality content and raise interest, but people who have been watching you for a very long period of time may want to see what they have initially subscribed for. The format of your videos ....... also changed and I like various things about them like your dad jokes, your way of treating serious problems that occur nowadays in the beauty community as well as your opinion on many drama.... that keeps surfacing.
       However, I do not necessarily like the way you get into scandals, ............ as for example, the one with James Charles which was not beneficial for you or your channel. I believe you are one of the few beauty influencers that did not have drama surrounding them and that was good for your immage.image. Also, I understand you needed a break from your schedule of posting five days a week and improving your content and putting more passion in to into your videos, but as I said as i have previously mentioned, you can and should bring back some of the series and other videos you used to make. After all, you kept growing based on those.
      I want to mention that[/u] I .......have never stopped appreciating you and supporting you and your brands. Congratulations on Halo and Tati Beauty by the way. All in all, [u]I just wanted to let you know that I would love to see more of your older type of content with the quality you have now.
                                                             Respectfully yours,

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