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Teachers should encourage students to emigrate

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Nowadays, this is a bigger problem. The issue of intellectuals. In my opinion that teachers encourage that is not a good thing.

Firstly, we have capable and intelligent people in the country who leaves Romania for a better life and greater wages. This phenomen of the ,,brain drain" is a worrying one because they remain in the country only the badly prepared people, and Romania is not more evolving as they should. For example, if the students are encouraged to leave, they enjoy free education in Romania, and they go to study abroad our country remains with a financial deficit.

Secondly ,that the students are encouraged to leave leads to a family - Free Girl. They end up celebrating the important days of life alone abroad, just for a better job. That is why I think that it doesn't matter how bad things go to us, Romania's children are the future of the country and we shouldn't encourage them to leave. It's better to stay in the country with the family and the loved ones.

In conclusion these encouragement from teachers are not exactly welcome, and this decisions remain at the choice of children



You are right!! Students from our country should stop emigrating. If our workforce disappears, our country will be destroyed. We need our people here. This is the only way our country can evolve. Otherwise, it will involve!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Teachers should encourage students to emigrate