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Video games vs movies

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Video games and movies are two good ways to spend your free time, and each chooses what it likes more. I usually choose to watch a movie when I have time off.

Firstly, I choose this because it relaxes me, does not require my attention like a video game. From a good movie you can learn a lot of new things and life lessons. It delights you from the everyday and routine world, while a video game, in my opinion, is on you.

Secondly ,I prefer movies because I look at them only when I have time, video games give addiction, become a lifestyle just with the face in front of the screen. It's not a good thing. I think more boys are passionate about video games, and girls are watching more movies, everyone spends their time as they wish.

In conclusion video games and movies are two ways to spend your free time, but I prefer movies.



Haha I prefer movies too, I think it is a better way to spend your time and find out some new information. I especially like historical films.  :cool:

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Video games vs movies