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Internet access

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...........The Internet is the source from where a person could acquire a piece of information.Today,half of the population can access whatever they want to,but there are also places,regions where for some particular reasons ...... the internet is unavai......ble unavailable and people couldn't go online for their purposes.Now the question asked is:Should all the United Nations gather and  eventually declare the internet a human right,such as education,work or freedom of opinion?
  On the one hand,.......the internet has to be declared as a human right.As only half of the population has access to the internet,it has to be declared for the other half as a primary right,such as education or freedom of opinion,so they could easily use it for personal purposes.For example,countries from in Africa,a continent well known for its poverty,do not have any way to browse the internet.So soin this case,organizations like ...... the ONU or NATO should discuss this problem and eventually declare ......the internet a human right,and help those countries with implementing the internet everywhere possible,so everyone could access it whenever they want.
  On the other hand, ...... the internet shou....d should not be a human right.Firstly, ........ the internet is not a main concern for everyone. ...........For example [de exemplu]In Africa countries ............ would rather get food and water or other necessary resources for living rather rather than having having have the access to internet.The information wanted could be taken from books or other ways and another use of internet,entertaining or communicating could be solved with people just talking to each other in real life,not in front of a screen and the entertainment could also come from activities like visiting museums,going to a circus or exploring the nature.
  All things considered,should internet become a human right as soon as possible for people enjoying the use of it or should all remaning the same,people focusing on other priorities for human living?This only depends on the bigger powers of the world and mainly,people's will to make this happen.
[in concluzie, nu mai pune intrebare, afirma]

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Today, if a person does not care about what they post on the Internet, it can influence and manipulate thousands of people. It is very important to take care of this aspect !!!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Internet access