Breastfeeding is the feeding of babies and young children with milk from a woman's breast and it is crucial for their development. Nowadays it has  become a debated subject because of the controversy surrounding the practice of it in public. Should it happen though?
   On the one hand, many people stand by the idea that it might be disturbing for others and it represents a form of public nudity. Trhey tend to give looks and comment on women feeding their kids in public because some things should be kept private and not done in public. This cause is protected by law in many countries all around the world like African, European, American and Asian states, but many people disapprove of it. Many controversies regarding the subject started because of the unpaid breastfeeding breaks at work, or online posts about it. Facebook, for example, has removed a lot of pictures of women breastfeeding in public due to their terms of service, citing offensive content. Their response to the protest on the platform was that the posts were violating the pornographic rules in the company's terms and conditions. Also, public magazines as “BABYTALK” received a lot of complaints from their readers for a cover that included a picture of a baby nursing at a bare breast, which their subscribers found “gross”. People tend to see controversial things and turn them into bigger things, speculating.
   On the other hand, mother need to be understood and helped by the others. People shouldn't be so harsh and judge immediately, but take time to see the bigger picture. It is known that women are not legal in rights with men, but the differences should be more thought on. Legally, breastfeeding is tolerated in many countries, but regarding the moral side of it, women are often attacked for it. Recently, when a law guaranteeing the right to breastfeed has been broken, legal actions have been taken. As long as women respect the rules presented by laws regarding breastfeeding, they should be respected as well by the people around. After all, it is not public nudity because the law imposes the woman should be somewhat covered and it proves that the mothet is caring and does not care about the public eye more than she cares about her baby's health.
    All things considered, mixed opinions exist regarding every subject, be it more or less controversial. Although for some people seeing a woman breastfeeding in public might be disturbing, laws actually support mothers and give a middle way for this cause.