I do not think there is a person in this world who has so many defects. Or better said a person with no quality, only defects. So, because I have no one to talk about, I will create a person that certainly no one would like if she really existed. A bad person is a two-faced person: he hates you badly at your back, but when he talks face to face with you, he speaks nicely to you. Why hide the truth that you think about a person and then make it licked? Who likes a person who is licking others? Who likes a person who is lying? Who likes a person who only sees his own interest? That person does not want to help others evolve to be always the first. He just does not care about others. He does not realize that his behavior or the words he throws on others can morally harm the others. He does not stand for someone else to be better than him and that makes him hate that person. Who likes a person who does not take responsibility for their own mistakes? That person hates being mistaken and so tries to hide his mistakes by always blaming someone else.
To all these questions the answer is: nobody. Nobody likes such a person and I'm glad there is not one like her, or at least, I did not meet her yet, but I hope she does not exist.

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