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Gender differences

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Gender differences
    Gender difference was, is, and will always be a problem because that's how the society works and will always do.
    From my point of view, boys and girls should be raised differently because, if we want to solve the gender equality problem, we need to raise our kids in a way that they will respect their opposite gender.
    First of all, kids should be raised differently because, as we know, in the today's world, women are not respected as they should be. We know that they are raped, sexually abused and the list can go on. To change this thing, we need to teach our kids to respect women a lot more.
    Second of all, to finish the gender equality problem, we'll need to learn both of boys and girls not to make abuse of the weaknesses of the opposite gender. If every parent will teach his kid not to abuse or make fun of the opposite gender weaknesses, it will be a big step in resolving the gender equality problem.
    In conclusion, raising kids differently it's a must and will be a big step in resolving one of the biggest problem of our decade, gender equality.



i think you should write longer essays. otherwise, the contest is pretty good and you got some good ideas but i would like to see them developed a bit more if possible.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Gender differences