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Should Romania and Moldova Unite?

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In 1940, a border has been established between Moldova (the Basarabia region of Romania back then) and the rest of Romania, through the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact – an unjust motion of diplomatic barbarism. It happened in only 24 hours, and the people were unprepared for this, so many families have been separated that day, even parents and theitre childs. Some of them tried to escape from this, only very few succeeded. It was a dark period in the Romanian history. A possible union between Moldova and Romania has been a highly debated topic in the last decades.
One the one hand, this is not everyone’s past. The are many Moldavian people with Russian ancestors, some of them having more of a Russian bloodline than of a Romanian one. Thereby, many of them don’t speak romanian as well as they speak the russian language.
One the other hand, the union between Moldova and Romania would be highly beneficial for the Moldovian people, even more than it would be for the Romanian ones. Romania has a higher standard of living than The Republic of Moldova, therefore, it has a lower level of poverty and more career opportunities. And it is also a more “fertile soil” for businesses. Withal, Romania is a member of the European Union, this attribute giving Romania a great opening to the rest of the Europe, this being a semnificative advantage for people activating in any field.
Still, when the Moldavian were asked about the union between the two states, they voted for Moldova to not unite with Romania, even the Moldavian people who are working here, or who already live in Romania with they’re families.
This being said, at this moment it is unlikely for Moldova and Romania to unite – though, we never know what the feature reserves to us.

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To be honest, I have a sympathy for the people of the Republic of Moldova. It seems to me that they are very warm and welcoming people and always ready to help you. I would really like for Romania to unite with the Republic of Moldova.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Should Romania and Moldova Unite?