Young people should follow politics
    The youth's political vision is running between distrust and passivity, or enthusiasm and involvement.
    In my opinion, the vast majority of young people do not think that their vote can influence the way of central political institutions.
    Firstly, this thing is happening because we do not encourage enought to have political education, or even legal education, in schools. In that way, childrens can have a vision for our country and understand the importance of being aware of political events, not to look indifferent to what is going on and let people to make whatever they want from our country when we do not pay attention.
    Secondly, the young voters are a political force because they account for almost half of the voting population. It's sad because a good part of them can't understand that voting is the way of telling what you want and the biggest opportunity to have a say. If you don't vote, you lose your right to complain about the outcome and you let someone else to make a decision for you.
    In conclusion, every young people should be motivated to follow the political life of their country because the key to make a lifelong habit out of the vote is building a relationship with political process as early as possible.