We must recognize that the union of Romania with Moldova has become a very discussed issue lately.
    I think claim that if a referendum on this union were to appear, then I suppose that most of Romanians would vote positively, but opinion polls show that Moldovans do not want this.
    First of all, the Independent.md website published a survey that, last year, showed that only 15,6% of Moldovans want to join Romania. It's too little to transpose this project in practice. Maybe, if the Romanian state, together with the Romanians romanians, would change..... their behavior, then than the percentage of Moldovans who want wants to join would increase be increasing.
    Second of all, Moldovans admit that they have often confronted the arrogance of the Romanians the romanians. Of course, many of the Romanians of the romanians are arrogant and with fellow citizens. For example, the attitude of the people who live in Bucharest with the people of the province. It is something we can easily understand.
    In conclusion, the union of Romania with the Moldovan republic is not achievable at the present time due to differences in thinking.

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