Breastfeeding in public
    Breastfeeding is an essential thing in developing a kid immune system by a fragile age. It is recommended to breastfeed the child exclusively at to the breast until the age of six months. Unfortunately this is a topic that divides Romania in into two. In my opinion, women should cover their breast while feeding their children  kids in public, because even if it is a natural thing, some people may be offended and start complaining about it. There are all kinds of opinions shared, both by women and men.
    Firstly, I think that mothers moms should be breastfeed their babies at home because, as we know, that thing is widely accepted and legal in Europe, because it is not moral showing your genital organs in public. Also, they need an ambiental space while when their are feed, without insistent eyes and other interventions.
    Secondly, a good solution for breastfeeding in public could be a nursing scarf that provides protection so that the mother discreetly breastfeeds. Moreover, it is easier to find a little more intimate place to breastfeed. Numerous shopping centers have special feeding areas, specially arrange...., for this kind of needs.
    In conclusion, breastfeeding in public is a gesture that inspires cheekiness and not vulgarity because it is a natural gesture. However, But it is fair to say that mothers moms should breastfeed their children kids at home because it is the safest thing to do and, this way,people won.t be offended.

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