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Should Romania and Moldova unite

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I consider that the union of Romania with Moldova is almost impossible but Why?
First of all, Romania is part of the UE and the UE does not allow annexation, occupation, invasion or any kind of aggression even if mainly the same language is spoken and the unification would be through a referendum on both sides of the Prut, the Russian minorities would be a big problem.
Secondly, Bessarabia was the poorest province during the Soviet rule and we can say that the Russian empire was governed only by strategic interests, not economic ones. Therefore, under the assertion of a supposed union, Romania would go bankrupt
In conclusion on these two arguments I base myself when I say that the union of Romania and Moldova is not possible



Impossible or not, I believe that uniting Romania with the Republic of Moldova would be a wonderful event. I, personally, would love to have this event happen one day. :crazyfun:



i believe the topic was supposed to be a for and against essay?
even if that is not the case, you failed to explain what you meant: the topic sentences are way too long, and there is no explanation afterwards.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Should Romania and Moldova unite