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Video games vs movies

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Video games are quite controversial among adults who have not had the opportunity to evolve with them
From my point of view video games have formed my ability to see much more details and they formed my concentration in key moments I cannot say that they have been addicted to me, but I admit that they have eaten enough time.
however as long as you can be aware and organize your time so as not to spend tens of hours in front of the PC, video games do not present a danger to young people
Several games place you in certain historical periods such as the First World War (1914-1918). You will probably not learn political leaders or war tactics but you will certainly know what kind of weapons were used and the main conflicts on the war fronts.
On the other hand, the current films are extremely boring, repetitive and you can easily guess what is going to happen.
Movies give you all the information at once and video games let you discover it or even make a new story
In conclusion I am not the kind of person who is patient enough to watch a movie completely but I can say with certainty that I have finished enough games with historical story to form an opinion.

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there was no "on the one hand", but there was "on the other hand"
I wish you would have explained more why movies do not interest you


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Video games vs movies