Maybe you don't believe me, but those who I really admire, are not alive any more. I haven't seen them in person, I have just heard  stories about them or what history tells about them.
How can you not admire Constantin Brancoveanu and his family who sacrificed their life for not giving up on Christianity. But I admire most my grandfather who passed away before I came to the world. My grandfather was born on the first of december 1918 and he  join the military in very early age being an exceptional soldier. Unfortunately he was forced to be involved in Second World War, fighting from the first day of  announcement.  Being educated like a military engineer, his task was to demolish  bridges, trains, ports, roads and military bases. My grandfather was later awarded  the medals of honor for his military service. After the battles of World War 2 in the period of peacetime, grandfather's abilities were continuosly widely used: he demolished mountains   to build the famous hydropower plant of Bicaz, Vidraru and Portile de Fier. Grandfather's sharp voice „It buuuuurns!!!” was heard many years on the Bistrita, Arges and Danube  Valley.
I am proud of my grandfather and he is my hero and the  hero of the country. When I really feel bad, I remind myself that there were persons like my grandfather, who really loved their life in spite of difficulties of it, and all my problems seem to be solved.

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