I remember a story I heard from a former reporter who worked for National Geographic for 20 years. He said he knows it from an experienced hunter with whom he had the pleasure of filming a documentary about hunting and punishing illegal hunters. It happens this spring in Yellowstone National Park, which is located in the Wyoming Idaho Montana state of the US. Although the hunting season had not yet begun, hiking through the nature reserves was not a rarity for this hunter because he was a member of the poaching forces. However, this improvement happens not to be one of recognition but it is on a small tour with a new colleague. At noon the two stopped to eat when the hunter left his weapon propped up by a stone. While eating our man noticed a movement in the nearby bush, at first he did not give it importance thinking it was a rabbit or a coyote who was scared of their presence. But then he realized that those movements did not belong to a frightened animal, but rather to one that anxiously investigated its guests. He rose to take a closer look when he saw two green eyes glaring at him. "O my God a puma" he had time to say, that(before) the animal jumped on him. the two got caught in a deadly embrace as the scared boyfriend grabbed the rifle and took it in (on)his eyes, but stopped. He was afraid that somehow his colleague might not be mistaken, so he remained motionless watching the fight unfold. Puma pressed with increasing power and the hunter began to give way, he could feel his breathing closer and closer as he could hear the accelerated beats of his heart. Time seemed to swallow, everything moved slowly so that the 2 minutes of fighting seemed 20. Suddenly Feline made a strange sound and jumped aside and seemed to feel sorry for what she had done. Amazed the hunter remained motionless watching the animal that began to growl and approach him with his head bowed. Then the salesman realized who was the puma who attacked him,  vero (almoust)4 years ago he found a puma chick that he cared for two years and then gave him his freedom, so after another two years fate brings him face to face again . His thoughts stole from his friend's words: It's a miracle!!!

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