Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the newly-released late-night talk show, ďA Little Late with Lilly Singh. The bad jokes and the choice to film episodes every day are the two major drawbacks.

Firstly, the jokes feel like they are meant for a young audience, of children under 14, which really bring....... thoroughly brings down the quality of the show. It would be fine if this was a show meant for such a demographic, but seeing as it air...... at 1.35 am, I doubt that it was intended. This is reminiscent from the Youtube sphere the host came from, and can not easily be shaken off.
Furthermore, regarding this topic, I feel like the show focuses too much on the hostís monologues and not enough on the interviews. It does not feel like a real talk-show, but rather an attempt at a stand-up routine. This would be well received if the jokes were better.  Therefore, I would recommend either canceling the show as soon as possible if it turns out to be a flop and not profitable proves to be hated by the general audiences, or to hire hiringbetter writers.

Secondly, while it was a smart choice to not be another talk-show focused on news satire, this late-night talk show brings nothing new to the table, focusing too much on the previously mentioned jokes. If it were to discuss current problems, or just current events, it would definitely garner a bigger audience. Pre-recorded episodes are always something that people do not like.
I trust that it is in the best interest of the showrunner behind ďA Little Late with Lilly SinghĒ to listen to this criticism, and to implement the changes proposed previously or anything of the sorts. I cannot wait for a response urge you to respond, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish me to further explain what Iíve stated my criticism.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. I hope this matter is solved as soon as possible,

Yours faithfully,
Logan Paul

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