Mrs I. was my teacher from the 5th untill the 8th grade. I met her on 16th september 2012.She opened the door firmly, she entered the classroom.However she calmly introduced herself as our math teacher for the fallowing years. During the speach I had time to analise her throughly : she was a plumb little women, hazel eyes, short straight blonde hair, her face was pale and her lips were thin. Her
appearance made us thing she was a strong and tough  person with a strong attitude. Sometimes first impressions don't show the true nature of a person, but in her case her look actually was a reflection of her personality. She could be very demanding with her students but at the same time she could be kind if she noticed interest in her lessons.
She was a fair teacher but when she wanted to motivate some of us and when we were pretty close to the correct answer  she would give us a better mark.
Obviously she was a smart and well-organised teacher, as a result she made me love maths ans especially geometry.Before I had her as a teacher I used to hate this subject. She always gave us exercises that hepled us.
In the same time she has a fascinanting memory. Even if she has been retired for 4 years , she is still good at tricky algorithms and of course she is still an excellent teacher she is also a disciplined student becoause she is learning English in her sixties. She has relatives in Australia, so she is motivated to learn this language in order to get by in a new context.
Besides beeing a good professional she has a personal life too.Mrs I. loves her familly especially her grandchildren but not only them, God as well. I think she is a true believer in God even though her attitude doesen't show it. I noticed icons and other small religious objects in her house.
She is the person who comes yo my mind every time I have to write an essay on such a topic. I almost consider her my grandmother. Mrs I. is the one whochanged my outlook on my skills.