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The unknown part of the Earth

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Something that is unknown will always give the impression of unusual or even strange. If we start to think about places that we know nothing about, we could enumerate the planets that humanity had never reached, the billions of solar systems, the parallel dimensions, that are just a theory, the black holes, that are the definition of fear and destruction, and so on. But we, humans, have the tendency to think and look too far, when the unknown is right under our nose: on planet Earth that gives us home.

Over time, humanity has explored the height of the sky and the depth of the oceans, but we still don’t know everything about our planet. There are lots of places that hide secrets: the deeper part of the ocean where the light doesn’t reach, the Bermuda Triangle, the Mariana Trench, hidden and lost cities like Atlantis, and even places that we don’t know exist.

Often, Science Fiction movies show us places that are beyond our imagination, places that could be hidden on Earth or on other planets. They also show us that any place can be seen as unusual if we have no idea about its existence: like a cave full of diamonds, a secret civilization that lives under our cities, a civilization that was here before us and it stays hidden. Anything can be unusual, even the normal can be unusual, it matters just how we see things.

In my imagination, an unusual place would look like a deep part of a forest, where different kinds of bizarre species live. Some of the creatures would have monstrous faces with huge and sharp teeth, big red eyes that glare at people from the dark, and sharp ears, and also green bodies full of muscles that camouflage them. Other creatures would look as sweet as fairies, with their tiny bodies leaving behind them pink, shiny, magic dust.

Just like me, anyone could have an opinion about what an unusual place means, it could be either beautiful and wonderful, or horrible and creepy, or it could be as beautiful as it is ugly. But we all should agree that ”unusual” will always have different definitions. As well, unusual places are everywhere around us, just waiting to be discovered and explored.

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I think so too. There are many places we can call unusual because we are not aware of their existence. It is also true that people are advancing toward the unknown, although they have not fully understood what is known, and the unknown has many forms, but before understanding the unknown outside, perhaps we should understand the unknown in us.



As you said, everyone can have a different view of an unusual place. It is sad that we can never know and realize how many interesting things and places are, and many will remain unexplored.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The unknown part of the Earth