Breastfeeding in public is taboo in Romania. Many consider breastfeeding in public is an abomination and full of unconscious.
I think that breastfeeding in public is something completely normal. I think that is normal to feed your baby when hungry. I do not think this is unusual, because to you when you are hungry eat anywhere.

First, breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby in his first months of life. If you go to a café and your child with you itei and it seems natural to breastfeed him for milk powder the child's body contains harmful things. If breastfeeding was left on earth why not use it? Times have changed, people now believe that breastfeeding is something obscene porn. What is obscene in all "process" it? As you see a nipple, a breast? As you see a child who dine quietly? I think what is wrong is our mentality, especially that of men because they generally consider breastfeeding an abomination.

Secondly, when you yourself go hungry and eat anywhere, restaurant, café, etc. Remove your food from the bag in the classroom, on the bus, in front of friends, everywhere. Then why a small child can not eat anywhere? It's the same, just as he is nursed by his mother naturally, because it decided it and I think we must respect this decision. If you feel incorfotabil when someone feeds her baby in public're free to go, you are free to look elsewhere, you are free to close your eyes. Since you were raised the same, and in turn were people who commented. That does not mean you have to do the same. When you have a wife and you have a child not to agree with breastfeeding? You close your eyes, or to leave the room? I do not think so. Change your thinking my dear!

In conclusion, the problem is not the breastfeeding in public, the problem is people thinking.

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