With regard to the emigration of students and students in recent years, it has grown considerably, this is not a very good fact, but given that teachers are the first to guide children towards "a better life", students take this advice into consideration. , then implementing it. The teachers should not encourage so much the "brain" leaving the country, because with the passage of time the brain drain increases considerably, which causes the country to suffer economically and culturally. Many of them settle there after studies, and therefore they contribute to the economy of the state in which they are, unlike those that happen in our country, Romania, where they think that pensions are more than wages, therefore a low economy. If teachers encourage more students to stay in the country, arousing feelings of patriotism, then the country will grow in many ways. The population with a greater number of intellectuals will make the manipulation of a political nature almost non-existent, as then, the "brains" dominate in a few years those in charge, as the measures disappear. Therefore, the country will change and be a good place to live. But on the other hand, in favor of the human being, teachers should encourage their departure, only by the fact that wages and work are more satisfactory than in the country of origin.
Therefore, my opinion is that, in the coming years, it will be impossible for something to change regarding this exodus, because the economy of the country is extremely small, and the unsatisfactory wages in the country will not compare with those of the countries where they emigrate. In conclusion, the teachers' opinion and advice on this aspect, of emigration, are important because the student will take them as a model, going to change the country or just their future.

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