Today, breastfeeding in public is considered one of the taboos of society that many women, mothers of infants, do not prefer, but in most cases they have to choose to feed the child, assuming the offense of certain people, who does not accept this. Some of the reasons why women should breastfeed their baby in public are: for a breastfed baby to have optimal health, he should be fed six to eight meals a day, and when he needs to go somewhere, he has not the ability to understand what is happening to him. Hunger creates discomfort that will make him nervous and irritable, and if the period of time, unadulterated it can lead to gastrointestinal problems or even anxiety, headaches. Although it is a conservative thought, overcoming that of not breastfeeding in public I can say that sometimes from the point of view of the woman put in this hypostasis is not so easy and good, because this one has to live with the frowning eyes on her from the part of the people, with the criticisms often received, but also with the disclosure of his intimacy, especially when he is a modest person. I am of the opinion that, however, the great majority of the women who will be put in this hypostasis, will surely choose to feed their child, going over all the taboos of society.
   In conclusion , breastfeeding will remain a taboo subject in society, over which mothers will go beyond the principles they have.

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