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The secret of an admirable person

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Have you ever felt the warmth that a person emanates? Have you ever felt so comfortable talking to a person that you barely know? Have you ever felt very close to someone at first sight? I bet you donít know how to explain this emotional attraction, so give me just five minutes to brighten you up!

We all have in our lives at least one person that we trust with every piece of our heart. Personally, I do and I admire this person a lot, but Iíd like to keep them secret and emphasize, in general, a few aspects about them. This person can be represented by our mom, or dad, or a friend, or even our lover. Sometimes, we idolize our parents and some of our friends because we know how their personlaity is and the way they act in different situations, and so we find something in them that we would want to be and this makes us evolve and then feel good about ourselves. But in this world there are some people that are born with the gift of making people feel better with only their look.

This kind of person is sensitive and empathic; because of that, their eyes look like home and make us feel  that we are understood and that someone cares about us. But empathy and sensitivity are not the only features that describe a person that we feel comfortable with. This person could be a person in the bus or even our boss from work, but they are more than just a boss: they are a leader. They gain our respect and admiration with their intelligence, caring personality, confidence, courage, positivity, ingeniousness, generosity, team spirit, and friendly attitude that is a proof of them seeing every person as their equal.

An admirable person can own any of the characteristics that I presented. But the person that I admire owns the most of these features, and the most important thing is that theirs are natural, not developed over time. People like this make the world a better place, they enlighten our lives, they share with us a part of their secret of being happy, they always help the ones in need, and they inspire us to be better persons. We associate the image of an admirable person with our motherís face, but this person can be anyone. And if you find one, you should keep them in your life because they will definitely keep you.



I really like your composition! You have presented in a special way the general picture of an admirable person! It is such a pleasant, wonderful feeling when you are around such people!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » The secret of an admirable person