In recent years, Romanians choose to leave the country. One reason for this decision is the studies. Students are looking for more developed education and better conditions in other countries. Most of the time, at the end of these studies, they choose to stay there, leaving Romania behind. In the moment of choosing a college, teachers are among the people who advise students, helping them find a school that is right for them. But should they also propose the option of emigration, or should they encourage them to stay in the country and build a future here?
  I believe that teachers should also encourage them to look for opportunities to study abroad, having a school at their disposal that may provide better performance or more opportunities in developing their personality and profession.
       Firstly, teachers need to think about the level of education that students should receive. Compared to other countries Romania has a low level on this subject. Students can find in other countries schools that have the most developed technological part and also the educational part, the latter being updated. By this, it refers to the fact that education is based on practical subjects and the theory is not as repeated as it is in schools from Romania. An example is the fact that the textbooks in Romania have a lot of theory information, but not some practices that encourage the student to apply the repeated theory. In addition, the budget available to schools in Romania is low, so they cannot afford to keep up with the evolution of technology.
         Secondly, teachers should encourage students to emigrate because perhaps they want to pursue a career whose field is not developed or even initiated in Romania. One such area is film production or architecture or visual arts. Lately, people are focusing on the scientific fields, putting aside those that are based on the creative and artistic side. An example for this argument is that most people choose to attend a realistic college to make it easier to find a job. But by leaving to study a field untouched in Romania will give the chance to those who make it to return and to implement what they learn so extends the activity and offers the chance to another like them.
       However, I am aware that the decision of  young people to emigrate to another country leads to job loss, so living in Romania will become more difficult because there will be no more people to work.
       In conclusion, while it may be a cause for consequences at the country level, teachers should encourage students to migrate to study. In that way, they will be able to find a more developed education in terms of technology and information.In the final fter they finish they will be able to come back to implement what they have learned and will allow Romania to evolve in certain points, so being in a continuous update.