Maternal bonding is the most important thing for the newborn baby. It is the connection created between mother and child. It's something special. This connection is based on love, love that is also offered through breastfeeding. Breast milk has everything the baby needs for healthy development in the first months of life.
    From my point of view, breastfeeding in public is not a negative thing. We all suck from the breast of the mother and last but not least we all know what a breast looks like.
    Firstly, the child manifests and feels differently when he is fed outside. The sun's rays handle the angel's face and give it warmth, the mother-child bond becoming deeper. As long as the mother does not keep her breasts in view and uses the special bra for breastfeeding, I don't see any problem. The needs of the child should not be confused with the opinion of the people around.
    Secondly, breastfeeding is a necessity, it is part of the child's development cycle. It may be a little annoying, but those ugly reactions and looks of the people around do not take place. Nobody thinks about the mother. How does she feel when the baby cries and the only possibility of stopping is her milk? People comment but they are selfish!
    In conclusion, breastfeeding is a necessity, we must not criticize.
    If the mother is not respectful and not decent, then yes, her attention must be drawn.
    Mother and baby should be protected.