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my favourite youtube channel

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Dear Our Changing Climate,

I am writing to show my appreciation for the work you have been doing on your Youtube channel. I was extremely glad to find a person like you. who approaches this topic thoroughly and in a serious manner[astea sunt vorbe de concluzie, muta-le]. Because of the interesting content you provide for your viewers, I have become more interested in this topic our changing climate and every human action that worsens its current state.

At first, the graphics of your videos have caught my eye. Your simple design is far more pleasant to watch, compared to the gaudy, irritating videos that are popular currently. Climate change is, indeed, a disturbing subject, but the way you introduce it makes it easier to focus and truly understand. Your creative introductions featuring rhetorical questions, your diagrams and the calm music you use are all marks of an...... attention-worthy channel nowadays, at least for me.

Secondly, the documentary work research you do is certainly admirable. I have hardly been able to find out as much information about such a vast range of topics regarding the climate .elsewhere.........[in alta parte]. You are roughly probably the only channel which provides complete, documented overviews on important matters such as veganism and recycling. At the same time, I appreciate the courage you have in order to approach the subject of consumerism: questioning whether big companies are sustainable is not a simple task, but you ..have......... managed it perfectly.

To conclude, I want to express my gratitude for I appreciate everything you do. You are a very talented graphic designer and you have wonderful documentation skills. I am sure that your channel inspires plenty of young people like me to get involved in the increasing fight against climate crisis. I hope you never stop learning about this topic and sharing your knowledge with us, your concerned viewers.


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It is great to know that you have what to follow on youtube. Nowadays there are few youtubers who really deserve to be watched and appreciated.



in my opinion, you should have said how this channel has influenced your life: have you started recycling, saving the planet etc? this would do a whole lot more than just praising the person's editing skills



I have never heard about this channel so I had to check it out. I must say that I really enjoyed the content.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » my favourite youtube channel