Dear Daniel Lim,

I am writing to thank you for making such unique and entertaining content. Since I found your YouTube channel, DanPlan, last year, I ....have..... always checked impatiently for a new video each day. There was never a time when it wasn’t worth the wait.

Firstly, I appreciate the work you, Hosuh and Stephen do coming up with creative ideas for games. When I watch DanPlan there are hardly any momemnts when I do not laughI (always laugh). It doesn’t really does not matter if it is just a basic test done by the team (you did) like the one “By the way are you a psychopath?” when Stephen likes to scare everyone by being the most obvious future serial killer there could be or a more meaningful topic. I have never seen anyone else put that much heart into a video and just take a simple idea to such a level. (Your games) The games created turn into beautiful stories that amuse me when I have a bad day. Because of you I have great topics to discuss with my friends and we are having a lot of fun when we start from one of your horror movie videos and play too to see if we would actually survive. My all-time favourite has to be “By the way, can you survive the purge?” mainly because I always die before anyone else.

Secondly, I would like to say a big thank you for Hosuh and his talent that brought all the ideas to life. I know he was never comfortable with talking to a large public, but the almost two million subscribers are there because of him, an amazing artist. DanPlan wouldn’t be the same without your characters. At the same time, a great solution was found (he found a great solution) to keep faces hidden from the camera but at the same time, give everyone on the show a personality. When people think of DanPlan, they think about the captivating works of art that many of the videos have become. Hosuh’s work was the reason I started to create as well. It’s hard not get infected with a sudden desire to create after watching your channel.

To conclude, I want everyone of the crew to know that I am so thankful for all the work that is put into creating what has become my favourite YouYube channel. I really hope that more people are going to find ....more.... about your work in the future. You all truly deserve more people appreciating what you are doing.



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