When I was little i liked to do things alone and only my way ........[linker] i still liked things done my way but now i am a little bit more open to other methods and help from other people and that's because of this experience.
I was in the fourth grade and i really liked math, ........[linker] i was a relatively good student, and i was always in a contest for who is better with another kid he was also  good at math and we were always arguing who is better. Sometimes i would solve a hard problem and sometimes he would, ........[linker] we were always at tie and he hated each other and then the impossible happened: we were placed in the same team for a project, ........[linker] the teams were made out of two people, witch meant that we had to work together. Of course at first we didn't do that so the project wasn't going anywhere, we argued about everything and the project was going downhill. I decide..... to make a project alone and present it ........[linker] i started working alone and made some mistakes that could actually ........ costed me a lot, ........[linker] my project was going  good from my point of view. Then, when i presented it to my colleague he noticed my mistakes........[linker]  i was stunned ........[linker] we were mean to each other but he wanted to help me correct my mistake and agreed with my project. i was amazed by his gesture and decided that i will be more polite and friendly to people who maybe think different.... and do things different....... from me. I was very happy that he helped me and the best part was that we both took a good grade and we became close friends. This was some unexpected help that i received from someone i once considered my enemy.

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