I was 8 years old when this happened and I am still amazed to this day that i didn't die.
I still remember the day perfect.......... , I was a sunny Sunday , I wanted to go outside so me and my father decided to go on a bike ride together, we packed some water and food and we inflated our bike's tires and we were on our very way. We decide...... to take a ride to the Copou Park, we were  reaching Copou and I was very tired so I asked my dad to stop in the park and we grab...... a bite and refuel...... our batteries. I was ready to go down the hill, so that's what we did, we were on our bikes and we were at the top of the hill. My dad says that i have green light because he wants to watch me as i go down. So i started to accelerate down the hill and i was going faster and faster i didn't want to stop because it was very fun to go that fast, but then it happened i was reaching to the end of the hill and then i saw it a little hole on the track it was to late to avoid it so i panicked, and the next thing i know is me of.... my bike flying mid air and then crashing on the hard ground and because i was still on the hill i started rolling and sliding down. Then i stopped i was in huge pain i was covered in bruises and my whole body was covered in blood my dad came to rescue and fortunately i didn't break anything, I started crying ............ I could move because the pain was huge. After a few minutes i gathered the courage to go again on the bike so i can go home to get my wounds bandage.... .
I was happy that i didn't die..... and it was a miracle that i got  away with bruises, of course for a few days i couldn't go to school because of my wounds but that wasn't that bad.

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