A unusual place could be anywhere on Earth. That depends on the personal point of view of a person. But I wonder, could an unusual place exist only here, on our planet? I think the answer is: No!
Such a place is possible to be the Sun or the Moon or others galaxies. But just as well, it could be some point located 10000 light-years away. Actually, I believe that this unusual place is more close... to us than we ever imagined. And I speak here of our mind. You could say that is foolish. How can a place be unusual, when there are you, this “place” is you? It can’t be if it stands alone, but by comparison with others places, it is the most unusual had ever existed.
I will not describe my mind. It is useless. You can describe something that you can see, you can feel or think. But how can you describe yourself like you describe a landscape? I don't see how I can do this myself. So I let the world around myself tell me that. I think that we live just what we need to live and that includes also meaningless and futile experiences. It is like in the case of food: if we know that something had necessity of food, then we can realize that this “something” is a living organism who needs energy and that means he could be a rational being or an animal or a euglena or just a simple cell.
Unusual to our mind are hers needs, because, in many cases, we don't understand them or sometimes we don't take from there what she really needs Although, the most unusual part of our mind, that makes she (i think) an authentic unusual place, are ours thoughts and dreams and the fact that there all is possible, all exists, there is all. Therefore I consider the human mind the most unusual place where a man ever was it. Also, the most unusual “thing” that a man ever was.

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