Unexpected things can come from anywhere, (reason for ) which is why they are unexpected.

                  One day I was in school, and my sworn enemy decided to visit me while I was wiping the blackboard, he told me to watch out, for he had a prepared a plan in which he would ruin my reputation. The threats he mentioned could have put me in a very compromising situation, I could have even been sent away from the school. What I did was unforgivable, also foolish and very sadistic. No one could find out my secret. I had to act and fast.

                I started contemplating (on )my plan, it had to be (equally ) as powerful as my enemyís otherwise they would not cancel themselves out. I was thinking, and thinking and thinking again, I found nothing that would help me. I was desperate, and I couldnít find anything that could even come close to being enough. (Until), I saw her through my window, she was a classmate my enemy .....had... had a crush on for quite a while. I had charm and didnít look too bad so I photographed her and sent it to my enemy, telling him I would charm her into falling in love with me, if he would post or show anyone anything.

                 Fortunately that girl and I were best friends and could easily act like we were a couple, but it was proven not necessary, because he said he would stop. That help came out of nowhere, I could even say it was unexpected. ;)

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