I was at a picnic with my friends at Releu. It was summer time and the weather was high.
After we have had eaten, I decided to go on an adventure by myself (big mistake). I did not tell anyone and I just left. While I was lookig around, I found a grot. It looked interesting so I decided to go inside. The entrance was tiny, so it was kind of hard to enter. When I got down there, I realized that  cave was huge! It looked small for from the outside, but from the inside, it was so wide!
Too bad, I did not have my phone, but fortunately, I had a falshlighter in the my pocket and I could see, because of it, where I was going. I was wondering about the beauty of that place, when suddenly, a big rock fell down from above the ground and blocked the entrance, which was the only way in, and the only way out. I started to scream for help but no one heard. I was stuck in a grot, with no way to get out of there.
After 2 minutes of screaming for help, I heard something which was coming from the entrance. Then, I saw how the gravel was falling from around the rock, and sooner after that the rock rolled over from the front of the entrance. As the light came in my eyes, I saw who had helped me to be freed from there and it was kind of unexpected. It was a dog! He was the only one who had heard my cry for help.
When I got out of there, this dog followed me untill I got back to my friends, who did had not even noticed that I was gone. I gave some food to my helper, then I decided to take him home. He had helped me and now I wanted to help him back.

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