I was in the seven grade when something horrible happened to me.
I woke up in the morning I prepared my self for school, I finished it and then when I arrived home I got a text from a friend saying that my best friend have always gossiped me, said fake things about me and the worst thing, he was faking stuff and making staff up. It s very painful to hear and even think of this. It was a very tough period for me but surprisingly when no one wants to spend time with me, my ex-best friend, which  I had had a big fight with came and offers to spend time with me and maybe in time get our friendship back.
That thing shocked me, I couldn't t ever think that my ex-best friend would come and help me when no one did. After some time, we were best friends again and our friendship is still a very powerful one,  both of us had realized what a big mistake we had done back then and we are very proud that we were able to restore it. Now I can clearly say that that was some unexpected help from an unexpected person.

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