It was a beautiful summer day, a perfect day to play something with my sister. Outside it was very hot so we had decided to play something indoors.
We thought and thought until we decided to play “Hide and seek”.  I decided that she would count first and I went to hide. So she started to count and I was thinking where I could hide so that she couldn’t find me. I smiled. Of course…in the limber box. There she surely wouldn’t search me. So I opened the door, I went in and closed the door. Everything seemed to be okay, but then I realized that the limber box doesn’t have the door handle inside. So I was blocked inside. I screamed and cried but no one was around. By mistake I had hidden it too well.  Ironically, because my sister couldn’t hear me. For no reason I pushed myself in the door because it was an iron door. But I finally heard a sound. It sounded like it was my dad. He came and…BOOM…there was light again. My dad looked strangely at me and tried to understand what I was doing in the limber box.
It was a day that I won’t forget anytime soon.

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