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From enemies to friends (Unexpected help)

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The area I live is one of the best in my city. I am really happy to live in this neighbourhood. Itís really quiet, the district is really beautiful and well maintained, and my neighbours are one of a kind. Even so, it has one major problem: a homeless dog named Rex.
I hate that dog and I think he also hates me! Almost every time I come back from school, he jumps in front of me, and starts barking. He even bit me 2 times and(tb sa unesc propozitiile) even that though it wasn't serious, he destroyed my favorite pair of shoes and my jeans. We were two sides that simply  could not get along, like India and Pakistan.
One day, I decided that enough is was enough. It was a Tuesday afternoon and while I was walking home from school, I saw that dog waiting for me. I called the police to take him away. "It's finally over" I was thinking. While I was waiting for the police, I heard a strange noise, like someone was following me. In the very next moment, out of nowhere, two muggers jumped at me. At first, I have to admit that I got a bit scared, but then I started to fight them. It was futile though. When I was about to get knocked to the ground, Rex showed up. Before I even realised, Rex had already bitten one of them. They both tried to run away, but in that exact moment, the police arrived. They arrested them and I made peace with Rex. Since that moment, we became have become friends and I took him home.

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interesting twist on the subject!
the only thing to note here is that the dog, while being the protagonist of this story, does not have a description? I'd love to know how he actually looks like
furthermore, I don't think you'd call the police for a stray dog, so that is a small grudge i have with the story. Otherwise, great job!



This is a nice story that actually happened (maybe) to all of us, in childhood. But is was bit more than usual stuff to just  call the police for a dog. Otherwise, good job ! :glasses:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » From enemies to friends (Unexpected help)