I always asked myself, how you feel when you are stuck in a hole, until i lived the experience.
I was with my family in the mountains.It was cold, and the wind was strong. At a certain time we stopped to see the wonderful view of the mountains. I took many pictures.But  I wanted to change my profile picture, so I stepped on the edge of the mountain, even though i knew it was dangerous.Suddenly I felt the earth shaking, then I realized it was an  avalanche.At that moment I just [s]seeing how the snow was falling on me.After 2 minutes I noticed [/s][/s][/s]that I stuck in a hole.So I started screaming and call for help.Nobody heard me.I was screaming continously, ..........and.... it was getting darker and darker, and i have already got used to the idea that i would be saved.I started crying and it was very cold to me.Just when i was digging , I heard some ma..c..hines.I shouted for help,so they heard me.It was unexpected that they find me alive.I was very happy and trembling with cold.My mother quickly took me home.Now when i remember this experience say it laughing :))))

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