I have always wondered how prisoners feel when they are forced to live in their cells for a long period of time, and some of them for the rest of their lives. I heard that many people went crazy while serving a short period in the solitary, a dark room where your contact with other people was is restricted. No human wants to end up at the solitary, that is for sure.
I never went to solitary but I once got trapped in a dark place where my contact with other people was also restricted. I was at school and I needed to go to the bathroom. The door was very old and unstable, but I was used to it, so I entered the bathroom without hesitation. I locked the door, but the key got stucked. I tried to take it out but the key broke and I tried to remain calm and gently open the door. That didn't work, so I started screaming and call for help, but it was late and all the other students were going home. I started to kick the door with all of my strength, but it was useless. It was getting darker and darker and I already got used to the idea that I would have to sleep there until the morning comes. Just when I was trying to make myself comfortable, I heard some footsteps.
I shouted for help, but that person left the bathroom. I was so disappointed but after 30 seconds the door fell right in front of me and the principal was smiling at me. He was holding a big extinguisher and he told me that he was going to replace the door any time soon. He started laughing but I sure wasn't in the laughing mood in at that moment.
Now, when I look back at this story, it amuses me, but  I am still grateful for the principal who saved me that day.

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