It was a beautifull day of summer.The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the children were playing with a ball. Me and my friend, Clara were walking in the park when we met with her cousin, who told us about her experince.
Last holiday,she went with her sister at the Safari Park,not far from Liverpool, it was a place more dangerous than a zoo garden, because it was full of wild animals running free. They were very excited at the thought of going to see the lions, but to get to the lions’ enclosure you had to go throught the monkeys’ enclosure first and it was a long and difficult road. The monkeys were very noisy, they climbed all over the car, they ate apples and bananas and they threw all kinds of things at humans. The people went on their way to the lions’ enclosure where they had to lock themselves in the car as they knew lions could be dangerous. A lion came up very close to them, it seemed very aggressive.The next thing they saw was a snake. It looked calm, but they felt terrified.

Finally, they arrived home and they realised that The Safari Park was an unusual place, but interesting in the same time, because you have a chance  to meet animals in their natural habitat.