Dear Mr Radulescu,

I am writing you this letter to make a complaint about the football match that was broadcast by your television channel yesterday night, and make a suggestion for future broadcasting of sports events. I must say I was appalled to see that during the second half of the game more attention was given to the few fans who were being disrespectful by shouting racist rants than to the actual game. At multiple points, the camera operator zoomed in on these people, and we couldn't see what was happening on the field anymore. This bothered me for two reasons.
Firstly, thousands of people are watching important games like this, among which there are lots of youngsters. It is well known that at this age, they will mimic the behavior that seems most rewarding to them. Since these racist fans get most of the attention, which is a reward in itself, it is not too far-fetched to imagine that the young people in our country will start showing racism as well. Our country has got a lot of problems already, and we don't need to add this to the "to-solve" list.
Secondly, the second goal of the game was scored during one of the moments where the fans were engaging in racist tirades. We weren't able to see that happening since the only images we were getting were of the racist fans. Therefore everyone watching the game at home missed an important part of it!
Taking these two points into consideration, I recommend you train your camera operators to prioritize filming the events on the sports field above what is going on in the stands. This way, young people won't be swayed into becoming racist, and everyone would be able to support their team while watching it.
I hope you find the above suggestion helpful, and I am looking forward to watching more sports games broadcasted on your television channel.

Yours faithfully,

@othellos ;)

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